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A One-Stop-Shop for Replacement Rollers

It can be very expensive to replace old industrial machines, and sometimes it’s hard to justify the cost when a relatively small part of the equipment isn’t functioning correctly. The problem is that it can also be very difficult to find replacement parts for old equipment. After just a few years, machines that were once state-of-the-art are replaced by the latest technology, and companies gradually stop making replacement parts for maintenance on older models. If the machinery that your business uses relies on rollers to be fully functional, what do you do if you can’t find the right ones when the old ones wear out? Well, it’s simpler than you might imagine. Here at Western Roller Corporation, we have a huge inventory of replacement orders. If one of our standard sizes doesn’t fit your equipment, we can take your specifications and design one for you!

Using high grade polyurethane material, we will create replacement rollers that fit your equipment perfectly. The quality of our products ensures that they will perform well in your application and remain durable for years to come. We can also insert custom-sized bearings or bushings into the center of your roller for mounting. Rather than ordering a new machine, all you have to do is switch out a few old rollers! We will promptly ship your order directly to your facility so that you don’t have to waste time tracking down the right parts or figuring out what you are going to do next.

We also manufacture many other custom polyurethane parts in case you need more than replacement rollers. Need rollers, bearings or bushings? We can provide you with those and more, because we make every effort to get the right solutions into the hands of our customers.

Since 1972, Western Roller Corporation has been supplying manufacturers in different industries with the rollers that they need for their machines. Right from the start, it’s been our belief the innovation is critical if we want to provide excellent service and really meet the needs of our customers. To that end, we’ve always been focused on quality craftsmanship using reliable materials.

Press Room Roller Systems by Western Roller

Press rooms are busy places where team of people are working 24 hours a day to put together the newspaper. Tight deadlines and large printed volumes leave little room for error because the paper needs to be ready to go in the morning. Reliable machinery can make the difference between high quality printing that meets the deadline and serious delays that could hurt the profitability and reputation of the newspaper. With a press room roller system from Western Roller, you can take the worry out of your press room operation. Our well built systems are efficient and reliable so that you don’t have to prepare for the worst in the middle of a big printing run. We manufacture many different parts and accessories for the machinery your press room that will keep your equipment running like it’s brand new. For example, our replaceable polyurethane nips can be mounted onto the original steel ring housing using our retaining ring assembly. All of our steel parts are manufactured with extreme precision using our CNC machining technology.

The materials that we use to create our feeder wheels are the best possible quality for any application. Our high performance polyurethane compound lasts much longer than other plastic types and doesn’t allow for uneven wheel wear that can affect the performance of your equipment.

Besides press room systems, we also have a slew of other roller products that can be used as replacement parts with your existing machinery. Our Super Drive and Super Feed rollers can be made to your exact system specifications. If you have a different type of machinery, we even offer conversion kits that you can use to adapt your system to our rollers.

At Western Roller Corporation, it’s our goal to provide you with the quality products and excellent customer service no matter what industry you’re in. Our founder, Richard Collver, was the one to develop our innovative Super Drive feed roller system. We have a history of providing people with solutions that take their machinery to the next level, no matter what kind of material they’re working with. Contact us for more information!

Helping You Get the Job Done With Quality Super Feed Rollers

A feed roller is used to pull paper, sheet metal or other flat materials through a machine. The wheel is mounted on a hub at the center of its diameter that is connected to an external motor. The motor is what powers the wheel and causes rotation in one direction or another to take place. Feed rotors are usually mounted in a set to help create more friction and do a better job of pulling materials along. The wheels are usually placed over top of the material while some type of flat surface is directly underneath.

At Western Roller, our line of Super Feeder rollers is made to fit over 150 different feeder models in case you need replacement parts for your equipment. The rollers are made out of a urethane compound to ensure that they are tough and durable throughout their lifetime.

The strengths of our various feed rollers can be identified by their color. Our yellow super feed tires are recommended for feeding solid wood pieces. Our blue 50 Duro rollers are designed to handle products with slick surface materials like laminates. Besides our various feed rollers, we also supply many industries with feed belts. A single belt fits around a series of metal wheels on the feeder and are made using high grade plastic or rubber with notches in the belt. A feed belt provides great control for short pieces in a feeder.

Western Roller is proud to offer quality feed rollers and other products to major industries across the country. Since 1972 we’ve created products that help people get their job done and work more efficiently. We haven’t just kept up with demand, we’ve also led the industry with innovative roller technology that is affordable and durable.

To order feed rollers or any other items from Western Roller, just give us a call today and we can help you find exactly what you are looking for. You’ll finally find the place where engineering quality and affordable production meet. We even take custom orders if you don’t see anything in our lineup that matches your specifications!

Poly Tubes Designed to Meet Your Needs

Ever since our company began back in 1972, we have been working hard to develop products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Custom Poly Tubes are an area in which our company excels, we know that no two applications are the same which is why we not only offer a number of options when it comes to Poly Tubes, we listen to the unique requirements of your application and work with you to design and manufacture a product that fits your needs. Dating back to our beginnings when Richard and Letha Collver founded Western Roller Corporation to supply the wood products manufacturing industry with high quality print transfer rolls for their molding printing process we have been working hard to improve each and every process we come across.

The poly tube that we manufacture here at Western Roller Corporation are made for a number of different uses, in fact there are hundreds of different uses for our thick walled urethane tubing. When you work with Western Roller Corporation you can choose from a wide range of harnesses from Shore A 50 to 95 Duro. We are able to supply hardness samples upon request, so you can be sure you’re getting a product that you desire. You can customize both your inside and outside diameter as well with a outside diameter range of 1” to 6.5”. And an inside diameter range of ¼” to 4 ¼” so you can be sure to find a solution that works for your unique application.

Contact us today for more information on all of the options available from Western Roller Corporation when it comes to custom Poly Tubes. We look forward to hearing more about your application along with the different work environments that you may have. Call us today at (541) 382-5643 or fill out our Contact form and one of our qualified staff will get back to you as soon as possible.