P2000 Roller System

Tough, High Traction, Non-Marking


  • Our new dual duro P2000 roller system features seven core sizes plus special mounts. Additional features include 26 different diameter covers in 6 standard hardness options to compliment polyurethane rollers up to 12" long.
  • Urethane rollers can be cut to length to adapt to your special needs. Made custom by casting the bores, keyways and special mounts to your specifications, WRC can provide economic and engineering advantages over urethane rollers that would otherwise be machined or fabricated from steel or aluminum and then covered.
  • WRC's P2000 roller system gives you the flexibility to create custom rollers from our standard tooling. Additionally, our dual duro roller system features an economical one-way design that eliminates the need to return your rollers for recovering.

Current Available Tooling: